Hotels in Barcelona

Here you should stay in Barcelona

Barcelona is a very popular tourist destination, but the city is also known for its many conferences. This means that many of the luxury hotels are often fully booked well in advance. Nevertheless, you will usually find available rooms, but not necessarily in the area you prefer. Here are some of the best districts to live in:

Glamorous hotels in Barcelona

  • Las Ramblas– Barcelona’s most famous street has many good hotels, but prices can also be high. The area is great to live in if you want a short distance to shopping and sights, but here you must also be prepared for the fact that it is lively. The side streets of Las Ramblas also have many good hotels, with less noise at night, and often lower prices.
  • El Raval– This area is located west of Las Ramblas and previously had a somewhat frayed reputation. In recent years, El Raval has received a boost, including after the MACBA Museum of Contemporary Art was built. Here there are many hotels in venerable buildings, and especially the upper part of El Raval offers many good galleries, restaurants and bars.
  • Barri Gotic– The Gothic Quarter is located east of Las Ramblas and is considered the heart of Barcelona’s old town. The hotels are housed in magnificent 14th and 15th century buildings, surrounded by restaurants, bars, museums, galleries and fancy shopping opportunities. The streets are narrow, and if you are afraid of the dark in the evenings, you may want to choose another area.
  • Eixample– If you choose a hotel in Eixample, you will be within walking distance of the Sagrada familia, Casa Mil√° and Casa Batll√≥ sights, among others. Here you can also wade in Barcelona’s perhaps best shopping area, plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants. Eixample is also considered a very safe district.
  • La Ribera– One of the best arguments for choosing a hotel in La Ribera is that here the cozy and narrow streets are completely car-free. In La Ribera you are also close to the Picasso Museum, Ciutadella Park and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Mar. Many families with children choose hotels in La Ribera because it is safe and car-free, and also because you get to the beaches from here relatively quickly.
  • Poble Sec– The area at the foot of Montjuic Hill is still a little forgotten gem in Barcelona. Here you get peace and quiet between beautiful buildings, narrow and cozy streets, and great views if you choose the right hotel. You will find many good restaurants and tapas bars in Poble Sec, and have a relatively short way to Barceloneta if you want a dip in the sea.
  • Barceloneta– The old fishing village is also suitable for those who want to combine a city break with beach life. Here you will find the luxury hotels W Barcelona and Hotel Arts, but also far cheaper alternatives. Life is comfortable in this area, but you get some travel when you go into the city center and take in the sights, restaurants and shopping.

Fantastic food traditions

As a Spanish city, Barcelona is truly a place for food lovers. We recommend visiting a typical Spanish restaurant for a local meal, with everything from Spanish tapas to delicious steakhouses. In Barcelona you will also find fantastic seafood in all price ranges.

If you want to make it simple but good, you can, for example, aim for a bodega or tapas restaurant . Then you get a taste of many of the local specialties, in a relaxed environment.

If you have a spacious wallet and want to eat Catalan specialties from the top shelf, Barcelona has many restaurants with stars in the Michelin guide.

Remember that the Spaniards eat dinner later than we are used to from home. Tourist restaurants usually have extended opening hours, while local eateries often do not serve dinner until late at night.

10 things to taste in Barcelona

10 things to taste in Barcelona

  • Cava– The local variety of sparkling wine is produced in the Penedes region of Catalonia. Cava may be as good as real Champagne, but slightly less sweet than the French sparkling water.
  • Fortified wines– try a glass of local Vermouth when sampling tapas, particularly along with olives and anchovies dishes.
  • Bombas– The little bomb is a potato croquette that you dip in either garlic aioli or a strong pepper sauce.
  • Pan con tomate– It does not get more Catalan than Pa amb tomaquet, the bread mix with garlic, tomato, olive oil and a little sea salt.
  • Escalivada– Baked vegetables, usually eggplant and peppers, soaked in generous amounts of olive oil, go well with Pa amb Tomaquet, or as an accompaniment to fish or meat.
  • Bunyols de Bacalla– Fried cod pieces that taste heavenly. Order when eating tapas, or as a snack or appetizer. Look for Bunyols de Bacalla at the food markets or fast food.
  • Caracols– Snails are a Catalan delicacy that is prepared in several ways. Some are cooked, some are grilled, some are fried and some are kept. When cooked correctly, they taste great, without being too dry or too slimy.
  • Botifarra– Catalan sausages based on a recipe that dates back to Roman times. There are many delicious varieties. Eat grilled Botifarras along with beans, Botifarra amb mongetes.
  • Crema Catalana– The dessert is archetypal for Catalonia, and is a variation of the French creme brulee. In Catalonia, they like to add a little orange flavor, which gives the dessert a lovely edge.
  • CataniesShort -traveled roasted almonds soaked in caramel and white chocolate, with finely ground dark chocolate on top. Lovely with sweet wines or for coffee.