Have You Ever Thought of Wall Smartwatch? It Already Exists

There’s no question how many peripherals can add value to your smartphone these days. There are so many smartwatches and smart bands of different brands, models, features, colors and prices, that it is even difficult to choose one. But why do we never think of a wall smartwatch like those watches that our mothers and grandmothers usually have in their homes, more specifically in the kitchen?

For Anton Zriashchev – founder and CEO of Glance – thought about it and started executing his crazy idea in 2015. But the result looked more like a simple LED panel with an acrylic on top.Dissatisfied with the result, he devoted himself to one more year of study and new designs until then, the Glance Clock was presented – which translates literally to Watchtower.

From vaultedwatches, its functionality is very similar to the common smartwatch we have in the market. It can pair with your smartphone in order to display some information on your dashboard, such as weather forecast, your next appointments according to your schedule, as well as alert you that the requested Uber is arriving on the spot.

As Anton said, its purpose is that this gadget is one of the main platforms for homes.He also comments that in the future Glance Clock may interact directly with other electronics in its home, and will display its notifications when it identifies that the user is no longer in the same place as himself.

Incredible collection

So good was his demonstration that this project has already raised the equivalent of US $ 416,867.00, surpassing its initial goal in Indiegogo by 827%.Anton also says that the platform continues to learn and adapt according to the user’s use, and may even ask for a taxi or Uber on a rainy day according to their commitments.Each watch is being sold in the Asian market for a price of US $ 129 (R $ 447).

According to the specifications, it is said that the battery of this gadget can last from three to six months, having the option to stay plugged in.It can even be connected with up to five smartphones. But, so what did you think of the Glance Clock?Do you think the investment is worth it?Would you buy and put one in your house?


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