Google’s Self Propelled Cars Let Loose in Traffic

Google’s little self propelled bubble-car rounds a significant milestone. Now it must orient themselves in traffic.

Self propelled cars is predicted a bright future. With promises of 94% fewer accidents and a more productive time in traffic, is predicted, the driverless cars to thoroughly reorganize the world’s great cities.

At the heart of the development, the search giant Google as a developer on a handful of heavily modified Toyota models to run automatically. , which already has completed more than one and a half million kilometres on both test track and public roads.

These cars are, however, all conventional cars, while Google’s next evolutionary step, dubbed ‘Google self driving car’, is built from the ground up with autonomous driving in mind. Here is no relic from the last century: no brakes, no accelerator and no steering wheel.

The green light!

The bubble-shaped electric car is still a prototype, but Google writes on the company’s blog that an important milestone will be rounded: now it must let loose in traffic.

Where all drive with the intelligent bubble so far have been referred to the test track, get the round two-seater now allowed to trundle in California’s public streets and alleys.

Certain security measures, however, is on board. The speed is limited to casual 40 km/h at top speed, while a driver in the driver’s seat can take over with a removable steering wheel, brake and accelerator.

For the purpose of the experiment is to Google gather knowledge about how the world reacts to smart car and at the same time to find solutions to the problems that may arise, for example, when one’s smartbil first dedicating a and then find the nearest parking space.

You can read more about Google’s self propelled car here on the project’s Google+ page.