Google’s Material Design-Theme Ready for Samsung Galaxy S6

Do you prefer the original Material Design-theme from Google forward for Samsung’s TouchWiz?So you can now decorate the Samsung Galaxy S6 with just such a theme.

Samsung has a large selection of themes to his two top models, Galaxy Galaxy S6 S6 and Edge, where every Thursday added new themes to the collection.

Today is no exception, and now it is the turn of a so-called Material Design-theme, as is the design language that Google originally meant for Android in the two most recent Lollipop-versions.

Already last week, where 16 new themes found their way to Samsung theme store, was this Material Design-theme predicted to arrive, and sure enough-now you can free download it to your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and give the design a little face lift.

The classic blue Samsung-colors in the TouchWiz and colorful icons are now replaced with a simple design with a white background and gray menus, where icons in settings and headlines are turquoise and icons for apps are flat and minimalist. There is, in other words, done everything possible in order to frame the design in the Android operating system, such as, for example, be used in Google Nexus 6 from Motorola.

Usually is the new themes in a category of its own in the theme store, but for unknown reasons you must find this theme in “Themes for You” section. You get to the theme store by going to Settings» Themes» catalog» “Themes for Man”.

Below you can see a quick rundown of how Samsung Galaxy S6 takes it out with the Material Design-like theme.