Google Maps: Update Brings Wi-Fi Mode And Memory Function

Already for a long time, there were references to a Wi-Fi mode for Google maps. Now, the Group has officially announced the new feature. There’s also a fresh option over the maps drop for offline operation of the app also on an external memory card is.

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New Wi-Fi mode

To activate the new Wi-Fi mode switch in the settings. This severely restricts the online activities via the mobile network and protects users from unwanted data consumption. The Smartphone connects to only in exceptional cases and available Wi-Fi network, about to set the location. Otherwise uses the Android application only on the previously stored data back.

Navigating offline

A poor or non-existent network coverage makes the use of Google maps as a guide in many places impossible. The remedy offline maps app that can be used without Internet access. This one saves the data advance on your Smartphone. In Wi-Fi mode, Google maps is limited to the display of these cards, as long no mobile data connection is available. So navigate app users on the go in offline mode.

Secret features Google maps

Internal memory save

The crux of the matter: so far could download offline maps in the internal memory only, which quickly leads to problems with Smartphones with low volume. To avoid this, users can now set the location for the offline maps on request before a download. This data now also on external memory cards can store saves plenty of space on the internal device memory.

Comparison of car-sharing services

Another new feature is a comparison function of various service providers like uber and mytaxi. The new feature displays a list of available transport services users and offers a quick price comparison. The group already provides the update for the Android app by Google maps. All users should be already in the next few days.