Google Inbox: Update Opens Email For External Services

Google’s alternative Inbox sorts incoming mail by priority and combines them together into groups. With a major update the email app to be even smarter and especially clear. The new version opens the service now available for external services and intelligent summarizes mail from third parties. As first partner, the Internet giant for this purpose the project management tool Trello, and the github developer platform brings in the boat.

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Trello and github integration

Integrating Trello and github users according to Google have an even better overview of received updates to the own projects. A summary of the most important news already offers a direct and quick overview of the contents of new emails in your Inbox, without that first must be individually opened each. A general map summarizes the most important details from the messages for the user. Same for mails from Google Alerts.

Google Alerts in newsletter format

Google Inbox already has a connection to own services such as Google Calendar. The developers also Google drive and alerts integrate better with the new update. Users get an overview of alerts in the form of a newsletter in your Inbox. To read a notification, just click on the appropriate link.

Google Inbox

So does the intelligent Google mailbox

Improved Google drive

Users of Google drive now on request directly select files from drive and link to them in the mail. Attachments from incoming messages can be stored directly in the drive. Contacts move users thanks to the upgrade in the future simply by drag-and-drop method between the address fields (to, cc, bcc). In addition, Google has simplified the delete functionality with an additional button in your Inbox.