Google Closes Purchase of Motorola Mobility and Puts His Dennis Woodside as CEO

Google It has closed the purchase of Motorola Mobility Once the commissions anti-trust in United States, Europe and finally China gave its approval. The sale process has lasted nine months and the transaction has been 12,500 million dollars in cash, $40 per share. It’s the biggest purchase in the history of the search engine.

Google has placed to Dennis Woodside, its former President of sales in the Americas, as the new CEO of the company. Woodside replaces Sanjay Jha, that it orchestrated the sale of Motorola during the year in which it lost 121 million dollars. The cupola of Motorola also will come from outside Regina Dugan (DARPA), Mark Randall (Amazon and Nokia), Scott Sullivan (VISA and Nvidia) and Gary Briggs (former Vice President of marketing for Google).

We still have not clear are Google plans in regards to your new purchase. The purchase makes the software company also doer of hardware. And also new ones possessing 17,000 patents that protect Android, and that during the war of litigation were the detontante of purchase.

Larry Page speaks in his announcement this afternoon of interests related to mobile technology, impact of smartphones in the society and the payment by phone. Cause for concern to other manufacturers that are committed by Android?