Fredsbruder Bb´s Leather Group

The brand FREDsBRUDER is not only a brand that brings beautiful and high-quality bags on the market, but she repeatedly impresses with its unique and extravagant leather types. But usually you don’t know exactly how such a case has been made and what makes the leather.

In the following, you will get an overview of individual leather group of brand FREDsBRUDER:

  1. LAYER / Checker / SQUARE: This leather group consists of cowhide. Each bag is unique, because the surface of the leather remains open after tanning and coloring. So the natural characteristics of leather are revealed and each bag Gets an individual and unique look. This convinced the bags of Armadillo, Riffeltier, and Waffeltier.
  2. Funatic: The leather of the group ‘Funatic’ is a natural tanned leather. This leather is washed before application, also finishing called, warm. This creates a very core and thick leather. After drying, the leather with the help of the dip-dye is tanned technology. Thus, the bag gets her color. In the aftermath, they once again washed and another layer of leather, which has received opening fitted with a further finish, so. So, the bag gets more depth and effect “3-dimensional”.
  1. best match: this group of leather is also made from cowhide leather for the most part and offers a mix of smooth and suede leather. A particularly “lassig chic” look is created. The emergence of the smooth leather is basically quite simple. The leather is dyed in a drum. In the wake of the bag with color is sprayed, to create a vibrant surface. The suede on the other hand is an open-porous calf leather, which was, however, earlier brushed to create a powdery appearance with a soft surface.
  2. CROCO PRINT: the name of this leather group says almost everything about the fact of the leather, because the cowhide has been equipped with a Croco-Embossed. The embossing is created by the embossed leather in advance in various colors is dyed and is processed only as a follow-up to the bag. Especially nice to this group is that the bags be edited according to composition by hand and waxed. So, the style and the color is highlighted. In addition, the pockets of the Croco prints have a soft surface.
  3. CUT IT VINTAGE: the firm, crisp leather of series cut it vintage is made from naturally tanned leather. Parts using a special technique are cut then, to create a “3D” effect. The leather surface will have a unique and individual appearance. Once the bags are sewn finished together, they are warm washed and washed once again by hand and polished. After this operation until the leather is dried and dyed.