Food Pro Thought: Veganism, Vertical Gardens and Edible Spoons

Easter Sunday and I hope you have a peaceful and happy day.

I was here away from the family, so I couldn’t do that Easter almoção.But to spend a peaceful day and George.

By the way, speaking of almoção, food pro thought of today’s well within that subject. Let’s talk about food! Three news within the theme of food and I found very inspiring.

About Disposable Spoons

The India is the country that consumes disposable spoons in the world. Are 120 billion every year. Used and then thrown in the trash.

The Bakey’s Edible Cutlery emerged in 2010 as an attempt to solve this problem by producing edible cutlery. Made from millet, rice and wheat and without any preservatives or chemical additive, the Bakey’s silverware comes in many different flavors, to match perfectly with your food preference, of course. The coolest? After using them, if you are not hungry anymore and want to play the silverware out rather than finish your meal with them, just throw it away and they decompose completely within 5 days.

A truly inspiring design. Worth taking a look at the video of the company to better understand.

About Barcelona And The Vegan Culture

Barcelona has just declare a veggie-friendly city.

Last week, the proposal presented by the Catalan Republican Party Left was voted by the United Nations Economic Commission with the goal of making the city a “friend of the vegetarian and vegan culture”. From now on, the city goes officially to encourage the consumption of products of plant origin by disseminating and supporting trades vegetarian and vegans.

In proposing the project, the Party stressed the benefits of a plant-based diet, as well as the environmental impact of the practice and respect for animals.

The proposal has as objective to stimulate local agriculture, as well as tourism in the region.

About Vegetable Gardens In Supermarkets

A supermarket in Germany began to grow herbs and vegetables on their own shelves. The project entitled Krauter Garten of Infarm, cultivates plants through hydroponics and uses led lighting to mimic the Sun, all monitored by the staff of the store through an application. Here at Seafordecommerce you can get more different models of the LED lighting fashion.

The crazier? The cultivation of these plants inside the store ends up occupying less space than normal vegetable displays.

Good week to sleep over, guys!