Find Your Friends on Roskilde Festival with New App from 3

If you are experiencing that disappear in the crowd of festival guests to Roskilde Festival, you can get help finding your friends with new app from 3.

Two of the year’s major festivals kicks off this weekend, which will naturally flows lots of customers for both the new Tinderbox, but in particular, Roskilde Festival, who waits more than 130,000 visitors.

Therefore, you can easily get to lose your friends and fellow travellers festival guests by sight, and what do you do then, if internet coverage lags?

The first part has the phone company 3 already secured yesterday about to run an extra cell tower at the Orange stage, and the second part is now in place with today’s launch of a new app called Crowdsearch from the phone company.

Crowdsearch is an app that provides a platform to easily find others who you do not know where is. You release thus from having to try to get SMS messages and calls through in the middle of the big concerts.Instead, you can with Crowdsearch locate your friends on Roskilde Festival using GPS.

“The cell phone has become a key part of the festival experience. It will be used to take pictures, update social media and of course to keep in contact with friends, while you are at the festival. The last thing we want to do even easier with the Crowdsearch app, “ says David Elsass, Director of private market at 3.


Map of Roskilde Festival built-in

The app is integrated with Facebook Connect, and it means that in just a few clicks you can invite your friends over for the app directly from your friends list on Facebook.

From there you can on a simple Roskilde Festival-map in the upper part of the app to see who is where and what scenes they are near. At the same time shows the underneath which artists they listen to, since the music program is also built into the app.

It makes it so incredibly easy to find your way to the other, as you have lost on the road at the big show ground.

Available only for iOS

The concept is simple and smart – and yet not. The app is only released for iOS 7 and newer and is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6. It can be downloaded for free in the Apple App Store.

You must therefore see far after the possibility of finding your Android’s friends at the Roskilde Festival, if it is with Crowdsearch, because it is simply not possible.

The idea of locating friends on smart phone with GPS, however, is not new, and therefore there are alternatives. One of these is the app “Find my friends” for Android, which makes exactly the same – just without the Roskilde Festival-map and musikprogrammwet. This app is also completely free of charge and can be downloaded in Play-shop.



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