Facebook Is Testing Chromecast Stand for Playing Videos on TV

You used to see videos shared on Facebook your friends and pages you follow? Like Mark Zuckerberg and his team think that yes – even reproduce automatically unless you change the option – and soon you can also playback on other screens.

This would be through the support for playing videos via Chromecast, that some users have been sighted in the beta version of Facebook. The operation is similar to that you’d find in any other application with support for Chromecast: there is a new button on the player when it detects a Chromecast in your network, with which you can connect and start playback.

However it seems that Facebook only completed half of the work, because after connecting with Chromecast the video does not play, but it shows a logo of Facebook. This will be work for upcoming updates.

Facebook still striving in enhance the video support your social network, with initiatives such as the 360 degree videos and the video streaming, and support for Chromecast is just another piece of the puzzle if you want to make its video platform seriously. And needed him, because too often the videos are simple stolen copies of others on YouTube.

Support for Chromecast, remember that it is not yet available, come late, Although it will always be the consolation that same afternoon came to Vimeo (February this year), that it aims to be an alternative to YouTube.