Develop for Daydream VR? Serves the Nexus 6 p

Daydream, the new virtual reality platform built into Android N, was one of the main innovations of the opening keynote of Google i/o 2016. Officially arrives this fall, or at least to coincide with the release of Android N to the public (who knows what name will have, by the way?), but developers can start building your content now.

Google has just released the official documentation for developers, that sheds light on the hardware and software requirements. The Nexus 6 p is referred to as the only supported device to act as the main unit, it should also mount Android N Developer Preview 3 or newer. You will then need a second smartphone that makes the place of the controller using an emulator, since the physical device is not yet on the market. In this case, the Android version will be from KitKat forward.

The instructions in the documentation indicates that Daydream certification, however, might not arrive on the same device intended to develop it. Google speaks of possible overheating, the thermal throttling for GPU and CPU, which will not be those that the user will experience on a device compatible Daydream.

Google has not yet released the exact specifics, but it seems pretty clear that Daydream certification will be reserved for devices of tomorrow, not today.

Huawei Nexus 6 p is available online from Amazon Marketplace at 508 euro or by Redcoon to 569 euros. Good value for money and is one of the best devices in this price range.