Collection of Gilded Enamels Impala

The Impala is one of the main brands of beauty products in the country, especially when the subject is the nails. Their Nail Polish collections are always a big hit, coming soon on wish list of vain fashionistas and across the country. One of the following collections popping is always the golden years, inspired by the climate of the 50. Check out everything in detail:

As the name refers, this collection of enamels has everything to do with a decade which marked the history of fashion. Golden years also draws inspiration from the great divas of the years 1950, like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburm, two inspirations for women until today.

To characterize the collection Impala bet to the names of each color with something that had to do with the season. In addition, the package also brings one of the most striking prints, the petit poá, for those not familiar, the polka-dot print.

The colors of the golden age collection, which are five in all, are mostly clear and delicate tones, but there is also a dark tone and with a super different and bold texture. See the names and details about each:

  1. Polka-dot Bikini -a shade of yellow of course with creamy finish;
  2. Handsy – a red tone alive with high gloss finish, which is more transparent;
  3. Safety belt – a pale shade of pink with creamy finish, perfect for delicate and very feminine nails;
  4. Matinee -a shade of green reduce cream finish super different. This color is ideal for those who like to dare the choices;
  5. Paet black – as its name reveals, this is a varnish with black sparkles, imitating the sequins used in party clothes. It’s great for making a glaze nails decorations.

The glaze of golden age collection, the Impala, can be found on sale at many points throughout Brazil, as markets, pharmacies and stores specializing in beauty products and items for salons and nail salons. In addition, there is also the possibility to do their shopping online. There are several shops that resell the Impala glazes, including the complete collections, so is in no danger of running out.

The suggested retail price for the sale of each bottle is R $3.20, but this may vary slightly according to the location.