City of Curitiba Wins Pin-up Calendar

Next year, the homes of lovers and supporters of retro culture can be filled with pictures of beautiful Pin-Ups on your walls. Beyond charity pin-up calendar of the Retro Universe in partnership with Be a Bombshell and Sundae, which will help the elderly institution Home of mother me, and the calendar of the Pin-Ups of the ABCregion of São Paulo, which aims to help people in extreme poverty, Curitiba will also win a calendar pin-ups released by Cricket Gringo.

The Cricket Gringo is a kustom house, founded by the partnership of people in love by custom culture. The space that makes you a garage environment unites old barber shop, Tattoo Studio, Cafe Racer, bar, shop for clothes and accessories and make-up Studio. The goal of the calendar was show all these services of the House, so we used all environments.

The Gringo 2016 Cricket Calendar was designed by stylist and publicist Alanna Saddock, better known as the pin-up Brunette Frany. In conversation with Marcus Aurelius, one of the owners of the Cricket Gringo Custom House, in 2014 the idea to make the timetable for launch in 2015, however, as Alanna was finishing the TCC advertising, found better left for the following year, so the idea was gradually materializing to become real.

To illustrate the calendar were invited six beautiful women that represent the custom and vintage lifestyle site, to further strengthen the essence of space. Each model will represent two months of the year.

“At first, we thought we’d produce 12 girls for the calendar, however, we’d like them to be girls who really represent the Gringo Cricket and culture, and vintage pin-up. When selecting the six girls, we saw that we found the perfectproject representatives”, comments by talking about how Alanna was producing 6 girls with two different themes each.

“We choose the themes according to each girl and we believe that, in addition to the theme, the pictures represent the personality of each. For production, the greatest difficulty was able to differentiate the looks and hair that wouldn’t be repetitive, we were very careful with the colors, poses and themes that were not ” complete, conflicting.

Now, get to know who are these lovely pin-ups that are in this calendar and the month that each will represent:

Erika Bono – (Instagram – @erikaaabono )

The Interior Design student, works at Gringo and Cricket will grace the month of June and September. At first, she’s going to do a tribute to Valentine’s day, your character will be a modern pin-up, tattooing the name of (another). Back in September, the beauty of the beautiful pin-up girl will brighten up the Cafe Racer of Cricket Gringo.

Frany Brunette (Instagram – @frannybrunette )

Creator and producer of the calendar, is lead singer of the band Hop Boomers and contest winner of Pin-Ups of the event Big River Festival. The pin-up shows April representing the famous Bunny, Playboy Magazine’s icons, the more “deals” in the Barber shops, as a tribute to Hugh Marston Herfnern, founder and editor-in-Chief of the magazine, who turns 90 years old in 2016. Frany still shows the month of October, representing the Halloween as a beautiful witch.

Jay Strappazzon Ballura (Instagram – @missgenie )

More known with Miss Gennie, is a reference and one of the precursors in the pin-up style in Brazil. Currently she works in your wine family in Curitiba. With all your beauty, she will represent the month of February, making a tribute to Lady of the Brazilian Carnival, Carmen Miranda, and also the month of August, which will honor your father with a nice pinstripe.

Juliana Meira – (Instagram – @meira. ju )

Brand name Designer OSKK, Juliana has your store within the scope of the Cricket Gringo, the Tequila Kustom Shop. Currently pregnant, expecting the small Gael, one better than her to honor moms as a pin-up girl pregnant, stitching in your Studio a clothes for the baby. In November, she will also shine on the calendar by making a tribute to barbers.

Juliana Boiger – (Instagram – @howdysister )

Also known as Julie Van Wilpeis a designer, e-commerce, and was the first brazilian to win a title in the Miss Viva Las Vegas in 2014. The beautiful will illustrate the month of January with all the holiday magic, heat, Sun, drinks and retro bikini fashion. Moreover, it is hard to come by and not take a beer at the bar, then, the March will honor the Saint Patrick’s Day, famous Irish party watered by a lot of beer.

Mahara Alberttoni – (Instagram – @maharaalberttoni )

The hairdresser more sweetheart of pin-ups curitibanas, specializes in vintage hairstyles. She will grace the month of July, the time of the peak of his career, taking advantage of the cold winter outside the barber shop that is freezing. And also the month of December, with Christmas, most anticipated date by Gringo Cricket family.

To photograph it all, nobody better than the Pin-Up photography expert, Juliana Robin, who accepted the invitation and wore the t-shirt project, working along with Alanna in the process of creation and Design of the calendar. The calendar has release scheduled for 19 December day, the event takes place on own Cricket Gringo with the bands Gringo’s Washboard Band and JaElvis Trio, in addition to the food truck Wimpy Burger, drafts of the highest quality, and of course, the pin-ups of the calendar that will be present for a chat with guests. The calendar will be sold on the spot by the value of R $15.