China: Apple iphone-6 Sales Prohibition Threatens

Apple has in the key market of China with a patent dispute over its iphone deal: the Office for intellectual property in Beijing decided how until now known was already in may 2016, that iphone 6 and the larger iphone 6 plus design protection rights of the Chinese Smartphone provider Baili hurt that because the devices are similar too. As a result, the authority prohibited selling the company. According to the Wall Street Journal, the sales ban is confined only to Beijing and does not apply to the current iphone – 6 S models.

Apple to appeal

Apple the Wall Street Journal, but said that the group already has appealed against the decision, so that its implementation for the time of the proceedings before the higher instance is suspended. For this reason, the affected iphone models that came in the autumn of 2014 on the market, are available in Beijing. But even if the authority should confirm the prohibition of the sale, it would have relatively little impact on Apple’s sales figures: a most traders already on the current iphone 6 S and iphone 6 S plus, on the other hand that comes in the fall will most likely new iphone 7 on the market.

Several defeats

But even if the latest case looks like any great threat to Apple’s business in China , he shows again in a significant way, how hard the group in the country has for a long time: as an authority in April 2016 blocked such as the ebook-and film offer from Apple. In may, Californians in the people’s Republic iphone also lost exclusive rights on the brand. In addition, a Beijing court decided that even a Chinese manufacturer is allowed to use the name. (With material of the AP.)

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