Catrice Hollywood’s Fabulous 40ties Le: Impressions and Swatches

To the current limited edition of Catrice “Hollywood’s Fabulous 40ties” I was already very excited in advance. Both the colors as well as the pretty packaging of the products have addressed me immediately. All the more so was my joy when I found an envelope of Catrice with some products of the LE in the mailbox. Even though already half the Beautybloggerwelt about the LE reported, I would like to show you still Swatches and communicate my impressions.

This Is What Catrice Says:

“The Limited Edition will take you from September to October 2012 into the glamorous time of the 1940s, with feminine cuts, interpreted in a modern way, and will also make their comeback on the international catwalks. CATRICE is a homage to the elegance and incomparable beauty of Hollywood divas, combining skilfully feminine, warm reds like rosé, rosewood and cherry red with delicate nude, beige and brown hues as well as modern purple. For a stylish appearance à la Hollywood…”
The color concept of the LE I find very successful. The packaging is nicely designed and above all the lipsticks make a high-quality impression and lie heavy in the hand.

Nail Polishes

This Is What Catrice Says:
“To match the colors of the Velvet Lip Colors, the nails are also presented in warm trend colors.With a beautiful luster effect and completely classic without shimmer, these nail polish colors celebrate the comeback of the 1940s. The extra-wide brush provides a professional and even color application on the entire nail.”

Contents: 10ml Price: approx. 2,49

Available In The Following Colors:

C01 Red Butler

C02 Holly Rosewood

C03 Marlene’s favorite

C04 The Nude Scene

C05 Doris’ Darling.

I can do well with the short and wide brush of the nail varnish. Here you see the varnish applied in two layers. The color Holly Rosewood I wear now for almost a week on the nails and even if after this time, of course, Tipwear clearly, this holds nevertheless relatively within limits.The order was uncomplicated and the lacquer was dried quickly with a topcoat. I particularly like that the varnishes contain neither glimmer nor glitter, but have a nice cream finish.

Multicolor Blush “Gone With The Wind”

This Is What Catrice Says:
“Unforgettable like Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca film classics… Three perfectly coordinated tones give the cheeks a delicate redness with a slight glimmer. The innovative combination of pressed and baked powder gives a wonderfully contoured finish for a clearly defined face shape and can be easily distributed with a blush brush. Available in C01 Gone With The Wind.”

Contents: 8,5g Price: approx. 3,99 €

The blush is very well pigmented and crumbles little. The relatively matte finish I like very well, but with the dosage you have to be careful. I caught the first time too much. Visually, the blush is also very appealing, whereby the speckles are of course taste. They do not seem to have any particular effect in any case. Overall, I can recommend the Blush in any case, should someone be lucky now, somewhere to find.

Eyeshadow Palette “She’s A Lady”

This Is What Catrice Says:

“Characteristic for the 40s: a natural and discreet eye make-up. With these color combinations of the Absolute Eye Color Quattros the look succeeds very authentically. The silky and supple texture in rose and brown nuances is easy to apply to the eyelids and provides a stunning eye make-up. Available in C01 She’s A Lady and C02 Hollywood Boulevard.”

Content: 8g total

Price: approx. 4,49 €

I have received the eyeshadow palette “She’s a lady” sent, which in contrast to the palette “Hollywood Boulevard” is a little more neutral and has no dark Lilaton. However, I like the color composition very well, as it is very everyday. With the new Essence Color Art Eye Base, the colors look more powerful and keep the whole day. However, I personally personally the price of just 4.50 euros somewhat expensive.


This Is What Catrice Says:

“Glamor pure! The Velvet Lip Color gives the lips a classy and beautiful color with a particularly expressive and velvety-matt finish. The choice is not easy: bright red, powerful rosewood, bright coral or discreet nude – the colors go sound with Hollywood’s FABULOUS 40ties Ultimate Nail Lacquern, because the 40s look the lips are matched to the nails , Available in C01 Red Butler, C02 Holly Rosewood, C03 Marlene’s Favorite and C04 The Nude Scene.”

Contents: 3,8g

Price: about 3,99 €

The semi-matt lipstick, or as Catrice calls it: Velvet Lip Colors, feel at first sight very supple. In fact, they do not dry out the lips and have a relatively good durability, but they also emphasize dry skin cells or lips. Especially the “Nude Scene” lipstick does not go in my opinion. The color is very unfavorable to me. But nude lipsticks are generally such a thing. He also does not slip over the lips like “Marlene’s Favorite”, which I like very much. The packaging is really top! The lipsticks are heavy in the hand and make a high-quality impression. For a scarcely 4 Euro expensive drugstore lipstick not bad at all.

High Gloss Lip Topcoat & Gloss

This Is What Catrice Says:

“With its highshine effect and the practical brush for dabbing, it provides a glossy finish.Above the lipstick or even applied alone, the over-lacquer gives the lips an exciting shine.”

Contents: 4 ml

Price: about 3,79 €

The lip gloss has an intense, fruity scent. And you should consider that the brush after the first application over a lipstick does not look so pretty clean I think it is a normal, colorless lip gloss. It is pleasant to the touch, has a somewhat artificial scent and taste and really shines very intensively. Personally, the taste does not tell me at all.



Very successful LE, which I liked for a long time really well. My personal highlights are the blush, the lipsticks (except the nude lipstick) and the nail polish. In the blush you just have to be careful not to get too much. The lipsticks have a great, semi-matt finish without drying out and the nail polish can be applied uncomplicated and shine with a great durability.