CA7CH Lightbox Is A Gopro Alternative For Up

Actioncams, how about the GoPro, are a good thing – for athletes. Or for serious photographers, like the plug-in cameras Sony Q10 and Q100. But what about those who want to record just their lives with a tiny camera? You should look at more closely once the Kickstarter project.

CA7CH lightbox visually strongly reminiscent of the MemoTo, compares but only due to you. While the Lifelogging camera is designed to record automatically pictures, so that the user can cause a sort of illustrated, Digital Diary, the lightbox is a real photo and video camera in the style of a GoPro. So that the lightbox with the great model can compete, you gave her an eight-megapixel sensor.

Since also the look at photos and videos plays a large role, here use a lens with six elements and an aperture of f 2.4. the data are stored then on the 8 GB internal memory. Including a rechargeable battery the camera measures only 38 x 38 x 10 mm and it weighs only ridiculous 30 grams. Of course the developers have thought also to protect the camera from water.

At the small size of the lightbox, you should insert your Smartphone, which is connected via Bluetooth or WiFi as screen. The appropriate app allows then to shoot pictures between the lightbox and switch the cameras of the Smartphone and to record videos in full HD with 30 or 720 at 60 frames per second.

Parts Or Just Stream

The highlight of the lightbox but definitely is the ability, in addition to the normal parts via social networks, email and co. also the live image from the camera on your phone in the Web to stream. If multiple lightboxes, used for example in a concert, it is even possible to combine the different perspective as a stream on a Smartphone.

All of these features and the compact construction of the lightbox sound seductive. It simply carries the lightbox on the jacket and shoots images or streams his life for the friends, which can not be directly on the Internet. Who wants to support this project on Kickstarter, and also among the first, running with a lightbox around the area, which required at least $ 119. On paper, the lightbox has convinced me now!