BlackBerry Could Break Apart to Be Sold for Parts

The future acquisition of BlackBerry by one or more undertakings seems increasingly closer, but this Canadian company You may have to break apart so its different divisions were purchased by various buyers.

Fairfax Financial Holdings, which candidate seemed to be with BlackBerry, it seems having failed that 4,700 million dollars that it would be needed for the full acquisition. Negotiations with SAP, Cisco or Samsung opens the possibility of that purchase by parties.
According to Bloomberg, the directors of BlackBerry would be weighing the idea. Analyst Sachin Shah, of the firm Albert Fried & Co, said that “If you fragmentas enterprise, you’ll make more money that actually is worth right now as a whole. […] Fragment has more appeal for all parties involved”.

SAP, Cisco, and Samsung are not interested in BlackBerry as a whole, but if want to buy parts of the company. For example SAP could acquire its business, While a potential buyer – among many others – of its portfolio of patents, valued at 1,600 billion by some analysts, it would be Intel.

These speculations about the new possibilities of purchase in the form of parts have made that shares have risen by 5% in the last three days. That doesn’t mean that this year have fallen by 32% in what we take year and an incredible 95% from the peak reached in 2008.