Ballinger, Texas

According to toppharmacyschools, Ballinger, Texas is a small city located in Runnels County, Texas with a population of 3,600. The city is situated in the northwest corner of the county and is bordered by Runnels, Coleman and Tom Green Counties. Ballinger has a total area of 4.6 square miles with an elevation of 1,764 feet above sea level.

The terrain in Ballinger is mostly flat with rolling hills throughout the area. The land consists mainly of fertile soil which makes it suitable for farming and ranching activities. The climate in Ballinger is characterized by hot summers and mild winters making it an ideal place to live for those who enjoy warm weather all year round.

The main source of water in Ballinger is the Colorado River which runs through the center of town providing irrigation water for local farms and ranches as well as drinking water for residents. There are several creeks that run through Ballinger including Darden Creek, Yellow House Creek and Rock Creek which provide additional sources of water for wildlife and recreational activities such as fishing or kayaking.

In terms of vegetation, Ballinger has a mix of native grasses, shrubs and trees that can be found throughout the area. Native trees include pecan, oak, elm and hackberry while native grasses include bluestem, grama grasses and buffalo grasses. Shrub species such as mesquite are also present in some areas providing cover to wildlife species such as birds or rabbits.

Overall, the geography of Ballinger provides an ideal environment for agricultural activities while also providing plenty of recreational opportunities for visitors to enjoy year-round such as fishing or hiking on nearby trails along creeks or rivers.

Ballinger, Texas

Demographics of Ballinger, Texas

Ballinger, Texas is a small city located in Runnels County with a population of 3,600. According to the 2019 US Census, the racial makeup of the city is predominantly Caucasian (86.2%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (10.7%) and African American (2.5%). The median age in Ballinger is 35 years old and almost half of the population is between the ages of 25 and 44.

In terms of educational attainment, over 80% of residents have graduated from high school or higher while nearly 20% have obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher. The median household income in Ballinger is $41,286 with 14.7% living below poverty level making it one of the most economically diverse cities in Runnels County.

The majority of Ballinger’s population works in sales and office occupations (35%), followed by production occupations (13%) and management occupations (11%). Other major industries include construction (8%), transportation and warehousing (6%), education services (5%) and health care and social assistance (5%).

The religious makeup of Ballinger consists mainly of Protestant denominations such as Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran and Presbyterian with smaller populations belonging to other faiths such as Catholicism, Judaism and Islam. There are also numerous churches throughout the city which serve as an important part of its community life providing spiritual guidance to local residents as well as social activities for all ages to enjoy including bible study groups, youth ministries, community outreach programs and more.

Overall, Ballinger has a diverse population who are well-educated with an average household income that is slightly lower than the national average making it an attractive option for those looking for an affordable place to live with plenty of job opportunities nearby.

Industries of Ballinger, Texas

Ballinger, Texas is home to a variety of industries that contribute to the city’s economic growth and prosperity. The largest industry in the city is sales and office occupations which accounts for 35% of employment, followed by production occupations (13%) and management occupations (11%). Other major industries in Ballinger include construction (8%), transportation and warehousing (6%), education services (5%) and health care and social assistance (5%).

The primary employers in Ballinger are local businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, banks, insurance agencies, automotive repair shops, medical offices and more. These businesses provide a wide range of jobs to local residents including sales associates, cashiers, cooks, receptionists, bank tellers, insurance agents and auto mechanics.

In addition to the local businesses in Ballinger there are also several larger companies with operations in the city that provide additional employment opportunities. These companies include oil & gas producers such as Anadarko Petroleum Corporation and ConocoPhillips as well as manufacturing companies like Dana Holding Corporation.

The agriculture industry also plays an important role in Ballinger’s economy with many local farmers growing cotton, corn and wheat on their land. There are also several livestock farms that raise cattle for meat production as well as dairy farms producing milk for sale at local grocery stores.

Finally, tourism is an important source of income for the city with many visitors coming from nearby cities such as Abilene or San Angelo to take advantage of outdoor activities such as fishing or hiking on nearby trails along creeks or rivers. With its diverse economy providing a variety of job opportunities for locals Ballinger remains an attractive option for those looking for work or just wanting to enjoy small-town living close to nature.

Road Network in Ballinger, Texas

Ballinger, Texas is served by a comprehensive network of roads that provide easy access to the city’s major attractions and amenities. The most important of these roads is US Highway 83 which runs through the center of Ballinger and connects it to nearby cities such as Abilene and San Angelo. This highway also provides access to Interstate 20 which serves as a major east-west corridor across Texas.

In addition to US Highway 83, Ballinger is served by several other major roads including State Highway 158 which runs south from town towards Coleman, as well as FM 765 which connects Ballinger to Winters in the north. Other important roads in the city include FM 1582 which provides access to Lake Ballinger, and FM 2295 which leads eastward towards Paint Rock.

The majority of streets within Ballinger are residential, providing easy access for local residents to their homes. These streets are well maintained with sidewalks, streetlights and stop signs throughout the city. Additionally, there are several main thoroughfares running through town that provide easy access for residents and visitors alike. These include Main Street (which runs through downtown), Railroad Street (which runs along the railroad tracks) and 10th Street (which connects downtown with Lake Ballinger).

Finally, there are numerous smaller backroads located throughout Ballinger that provide scenic routes for those looking to explore the area’s rural beauty or take a leisurely drive through town. These roads wind their way past farms, ranches and small towns giving visitors a glimpse into life in this charming part of Texas.