Archos 40 Power: 70 Euro Smartphone In The Practice Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

Keep hands away from the ARCHOS 40 power: the entry-level Smartphone is not even his 70 euro (stand: 17 June 2016) value. By bad processing and the hard-to-read display the low disk space up to the sluggish pace of control and evil cameras, the device from the front is a bust up and down. The only good news: Two SIM cards fit into the phone. Thus, the ARCHOS is 40 power but far from alone on the next floor. Tip: Give on the Smartphone and dinner once again beautiful. Best price on the Internet: 54,00 euro * removable battery order this product at Amazon Pro dual SIM contra despite small size clunky bad processing display has very small angle low battery poor Wi-Fi connection control slow-paced tiny space miserable cameras assessment of editorial deficient user rating now evaluate the ARCHOS 40 power is a pretty small for today’s standards Smartphone: is about as long as an iphone SE , only much wider and thicker. As a result the plastic cell phone despite its small size feels clunky. The device can score not just with his appearance: the display glass is embedded in a plastic frame that ugly stands out. Overall, ARCHOS gives away plenty of space above and below the screen on the front. The back is kept simple and quite non-slip rubber-like surface. A removable battery and fan for ever a mini-SIM and a micro-SIM card (dual SIM) as well as a microsd card hidden under the removable Smartphone back. The switch on the right side and the volume keys on the left edge of the housing have a good pressure point. Besides the processing is not convincing: the ARCHOS 40 power crack in pressure can be heard. Despite rounded edges and smaller gap sizes, the angular transitions at the edge of the case also left an unpleasant sensation in the hand.

Practice test: ARCHOS 40 power

Where is the display?

The screen of the ARCHOS 40 power is 4 inches (10.16 centimeters) large. The resolution (800 x 480 pixels) is somewhat coarse, you can see individual pixels. The screen is too dark: while the brightness indoors is sufficient, is to recognize hardly anything in the fresh air even without sunshine. The low contrast, very pale colours and high susceptibility to reflections and fingerprints do not facilitate reading. The tiny viewing angle of the display is completely bad: you falling the Smartphone away only slightly forward by itself, it is much too bright. Who plays until the end of the games, can make the screen content at extreme inclination even completely disappear. Also creepy: Slightly stronger pressure which turns screen.

Small battery and Wi-Fi problems

The ARCHOS 40 power is not a marathon runner: with a capacity of 1,950 mah battery has been pretty weak. The slightly outdated Android version 5.1 lollipop operates the Smartphone. The implementation of the German-speaking user interface looks uncooked: some menu items are only available in English language, spelling errors can be found in the German translations. : Funny there are no in-house image gallery. Snapshots can display photos with Google let amateur photographers, at screenshots you comes only with the file browser up tedious rummaging through directories including. The Smartphone via Wi-Fi connects older n standard on the 2.4 gigahertz band, as well as via Bluetooth 4.0. Many apps the Wi-Fi connection in the practice test noticed but negatively with poor reception and slow downloads. The ARCHOS 40 power dominated the fast data connection LTE nor NFC.

Hours later…

Works In the Interior of the ARCHOS 40 power of quad-core processor SC7731 by Spreadtrum, which pulses with up to 1.3 ghz. The graphics unit Mali 400 MP2 supports him juggling the pixels. In various benchmark tests, the Smartphone beats everything else as well: Geekbench 3 assesses the performance of the ARCHOS 40 power worse than those of the very elderly Samsung Galaxy S3, at antutu, the unit reached a bad result from 17.687 points. The operating speed is very slow, the response of the Smartphones frequently entered significant delays. Graphically demanding games like asphalt Nitro run but aside from small used liquid.

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Little free disk space

512 megabytes of memory to the page are the processor. The internal memory is 8 gigabytes of which are less than 4 gigabytes free. About short or long user thus hardly to a memory expansion will come around. A microsd card makes room for up to 32 additional gigabyte.

Sharp images? Nil!

The cameras on the ARCHOS 40 power are among the worst, the COMPUTER came under image lately. The main camera has 8 Megapixels and is completely blurry and washed-out snapshots. Lighter, otherwise just as bad images emerge minimally with the HDR mode. Considerable detail shots? Not with the ARCHOS 40 power. The 2-megapixel front-facing camera is its big brother on the back of anything after and take photos of utterly useless Selfies. The video in full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) finally not only bad look, but come with rapid movements in the ground to a halt. Example pictures of the ARCHOS 40 power as well as the photo comparison device Samsung Galaxy S7 find you under the article for download.