Apple Secures Agreement with 20,000 Independent Record Labels

Apple included a last-minute agreement with over 20,000 new independent record labels to provide music to Apple Music streaming service.

It seems that Apple’s turnaround with nevertheless to pay licence fees to the musicians and record companies the first three months is very well spent, because it may very well have been the decisive factor for a great victory for Apple at the negotiating table.

According to Billboard the Californian company has secured an agreement with the two giants, Beggars Group, and Merlin Network, both of which represent independent musicians and record labels.

Beggars Group catalogue featuring, among other things, on the record companies 4AD, XL, Matador and Rough Trade, while Merlin Group is behind more than 20,000 independent record companies, artists and over 3 million songs-among other things, Adele.

From the sources to the Billboard reads: “Apple Music, hardware giant remains undisturbed, there soon to be launched, the streaming service has been a coup in the House in the 11. hour, that strikes a deal with the uafhængiges digital rights organizations Merlin and with Martin Mills’ independent powerhouse, Beggars Group “.

Agreement in the House after Taylor Swift criticism

In connection with Taylor Swift’s criticism of Apple Musics non-payment for musicians and record labels in the first 3 months free period underlined the Beggars Group on its website that it was the conditions, we did not want to go along with.

At the same time, the Organization opened up the possibility that it be more than happy to work toward an agreement, and it appears so on now to be the case, after Apple just one day after Taylor Swift’s criticism stooped and now chooses to pay the musicians in the 3 months, where Apple Music absolutely free can be tested.

A leaked letter from Merlin’s Director, Charles Caldas, sent out to all members of the Organization, also indicates that the agreement is in the House with Apple.

Apple Music gets debut Tuesday, 30. June all over the world and here in Denmark will cost $ 99 dollars a month while a family subscription with up to 6 users only costs 149 dollars.