Apple Pays Only the Musicians 0.013 Kroner Per Playback

Even though Apple now promises to pay the record companies during the 3 months free use of Apple Music, shows the amount it now to be incredibly low.

When the singer Taylor Swift turned criticism against Apple and its upcoming streaming service, there lurked a potential “shitstorm” just around the corner.

Apple, however, was quick to respond and bowed to criticism and immediately decided to pay the record companies and the musicians in the three months, where Apple Music for free can be tested. Apple, however, remained silent on how large a sum that actually will be talking about.

Now displays a detection from Digital Music News, since there is talk about an almost shamelessly and insignificant amounts. The website has spoken to two independent musicians, one of whom gets music distributed through Sony Music and the other is behind a relatively large music catalog.

In an email, as these musicians today have received, says allegedly, that for each playback on Apple Music will be paid a measly $ 0.002 or 0.013 Danish kroner. It is exclusive of VAT, mind you. This means that in European countries such as Denmark and Sweden only paid the equivalent of 0.0098 crowns, because 25% of that amount goes to sales tax.

Spotify pays considerably better than Apple

To put that amount into perspective, it is interesting to look at what the nearest competitor, Spotify, paying the record companies and the musicians of the 60 days, where the Swedish music service is free.

On Spotifys own website shows that for each playback in the free period is paid between $ and $ 0.0084 or 0.04 and 0.006 0.056 Danish kroner. It is so much more than the 0.013 crowns, as Apple can regale – and Spotifys payment is at in one month less.

Apple’s decision to pay the musicians showing it so not to be particularly advantageous, as it immediately might indicate at the beginning. About the 0.013 dollars is enough to make the critical Taylor Swift happy, we have yet to find out.