Apple Patent for Smartphone: Camera Auto-Focus With Artificial Muscles

Apple has registered a patent that could equip a future iPhone’s camera with an artificial muscle. As AppleInsider reports, the new technology building a mechanical autofocus ultimate could shrink and even in flat smartphones.

A layer of electro-active polymers in the lens of the camera is that lens mechanically can move back and forth to the required optical sharpness provide, similar to the human eye. Apple’s patent describes how a clever arrangement of artificial muscles with three different electrodes that can be controlled, that she changed the distance to the camera sensor as well as the focal length of the lens.

Electroactive polymers behave similarly to muscles: they are energized, shrink them. In contrast to electric motors that produce a rotating motion, artificial muscles of this type can perform directly linear movements, what would be ideal for the compact camera module in a Smartphone.

Optical Image Stabilization And Autofocus

Already in the 19th century, Wilhelm Conrad led X-ray first attempts to, in mass production are the special materials only for some years. With Apple’s patent a first step is done now, to use the special technique in the Smartphone area in favor of optical image stabilization and autofocus. The photos of Super flat, future iPhones could thus closer approaching the quality of professional cameras.