Apple Breaks Its Records: 51 Million IPhones and 26 Millions of IPads

Financial results of companies in the sector – this morning LG – arrive, and they are sold and economic data that help us to situate them in the last quarter of the year. The of Apple they are spectacular, returning to set a quarterly record.

Phones of Apple they have recorded sales of 51 million units, while the tablets have managed to reach the 26 million ipads. We are talking about a last fiscal quarter of Apple including – first in 2014 – holidays, so it is normal to get good results, but some analysts have been lower than expected (55 million phones).

We are very pleased with our sales of iPhone and iPad, our Mac strong performance and growth continued from iTunes. We are delighted to have satisfied and loyal consumers, and we continue to invest heavily in our future in order to improve these experiences with our products and services. Tim Cook

iPhone and iPad get 76% of revenues from Apple

While sales of iPhones are a 6.7% higher versus the same period of last year, with the increase tablets has been much more important, come to 13.5%. We remind you that the previous quarter were sold 33.8 million phones and 14.1 million iPads.

As usual, Apple does not give us the data segmented in models, so we don’t know how many million correspond to iPhone 5s, 5 c, iPad Air, Retina, or Mini. It would be particularly interesting in the case of phones to check the real interest of the new plastic model.

In regards to the fragmentation of the iOS platform, it is important to note that eight out of every ten terminals use iOS 7. Particularly notable is the domain of a market such as Japanese, where 69% of revenues assumed. In the United States stays with 59%.

In regards to income, advertise 57,600 million dollars, with a net profit of 13.100 million dollars, both data are similar to achieved in the previous year (best in income, flat benefits).

Very interesting to know that 56% of revenues iPhones, succeed only 20% of the cases. The figures are the best in history for Apple, but it is that they are also the best achieved by a technology company.

2014 is very well presented

As it has been happening in previous quarters, we expect sales cycles that are conditioned by the output of new products, but is not be a drop in interest in the catalog, aside from the demands of investors.

Also, have the expansion in New Territories – especially in Asia-, as China, the largest of the planet, where they recently start working with China Mobile. A fact to keep in mind, 130,000 new applications in the App Store have been created in China.