Apple and Samsung Will Meet to Try to End The War of Patent

The dispute in the courts between Apple and Samsung It has been long. Several have been demands with wins and losses on both sides. All this while both companies maintain a close relationship of collaboration in which they move, according to several sources, 8 billion dollars a year. In recent months we have seen some timid progress to end these confrontations and it seems that soon they could come to an end.

Within three months, the respective CEOs of Apple and Samsung meet at the same table to try to reach an agreement. The meeting will occur in San Francisco and a judge, Joseph C. Spero, will be present at the meeting and the agreement, in principle, seems that it is not something voluntary.

As FOSS Patents aim this attempt to reach an agreement It is determined by the courts of Califonia He asked that the heads of both companies feel to talk and try to find a solution to a war of patents that, from the point of view of many users, has become a grotesque.

At the moment both companies have expressed their desire to participate in the meeting. That Yes, what comes out of there It does not have why end something positive. Means that you want to positions, which is good, but that does not guarantee that an understanding between the two companies. In fact, Google and Oracle were in that situation a couple of times and today continue to fight in the courts.


Mediator enters Apple v Samsung legal war

Mediator enters Apple v Samsung legal war