Android N Introduces the New Multi Mode Local for Multi Language Support

During the day yesterday, Google has lifted the veil on Android N, anticipating some of the key changes, however many of them have not been officially announced and are emerging slowly thanks to the release of the latest Developer Preview 3.

One of these is the new Local Multi mode, which is shown in the opening image, which allows you to Edit your language preferences, set additional languages in addition to the default system. This feature can be handy for all those who speak more than one language (or study it!) and need to install applications that are compatible only with the second (or third, fourth, etc.); Thanks to Multi Locale you will no longer need to change every time your device settings, since you can make a list of the languages that you want to use and sort them according to our preferences. In this way, if the app installed is not compatible with the primary language, you can scroll through the list of supported languages until you find the correct one.

For the moment it is not known whether Multi venue will be available in the final release of Android N, however it might be a feature particularly appreciated by a precise target users.The hope is that this approach can be extended to other areas of the device.