According to fashionissupreme, Afton, Oklahoma is an unincorporated community located in Ottawa County, Oklahoma. The population of Afton was estimated at 1,083 in 2019. It is located approximately 10 miles south of Miami on the banks of the Grand River.

Afton is known for its quaint small-town atmosphere and friendly locals. The town is surrounded by rolling hills and lush farmland, making it a peaceful place to live or visit. The town features a variety of local businesses including restaurants, stores and services such as auto repair shops and banks. Many visitors come to Afton to enjoy its rural beauty and abundant recreational opportunities, such as fishing and boating on the Grand River or exploring nearby lakes like Lake Hudson and Lake Eufaula.

The economy in Afton is largely driven by agriculture, with many local farmers growing corn, soybeans and wheat as well as raising cattle and horses. There are also many small businesses in the area that cater to tourists visiting the area for its outdoor activities like hunting, fishing or camping.

One of Afton’s most popular attractions is the Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) which operates a hydroelectric dam on the river along with other facilities including a lake park with picnic areas and boat ramps for public use. The GRDA also offers educational programs about hydropower generation for visitors who are interested in learning more about this renewable energy source. Other attractions include an historic district which includes several buildings from the turn of the century such as an old hotel, bank building, church building and more that have been preserved through restoration efforts over time.

The town hosts several annual events that bring people from all over the region together to celebrate their culture such as their annual Fourth of July celebration which includes fireworks displays over Lake Eufaula or their annual rodeo held every August at Fairview Park where cowboys compete in traditional rodeo events such as bull riding or calf roping.

Afton also has plenty of recreational activities available for residents who wish to explore nature on their own terms such as hiking trails through scenic woodlands or kayaking down the Grand River while taking in views of surrounding wildlife preserves like Sequoyah State Park where one can find some of Oklahoma’s most beautiful landscapes teeming with wildlife such as deer, wild turkeys, bald eagles and more! Additionally, there are numerous golf courses within a short drive from town where one can enjoy a round under sunny skies before heading back into downtown for dinner at one of Afton’s local eateries where they serve up classic American cuisine made with fresh ingredients sourced right from local farms!

Overall, Afton is a wonderful place to live or visit due to its friendly atmosphere combined with plenty of activities both indoors and outdoors that cater to all kinds of interests whether it be fishing or shopping at boutiques downtown – there’s something here for everyone.

History of Afton, Oklahoma

Afton, Oklahoma is a small town located in Ottawa County. It is situated along the banks of the Grand River and is part of the Green Country region of northeastern Oklahoma. The town was established in 1889 when a post office was opened by William H. Smith, who had arrived from Texas to seek his fortune in the Indian Territory. He purchased land from the Cherokee Nation and named it Afton after his hometown in Missouri.

The first settlers were primarily farmers and ranchers, and by 1891 there were over 200 people living in Afton. The town was growing rapidly and soon had two churches, two saloons, a school, a hotel, livery stables, blacksmith shops, stores and other businesses. In 1898 Afton became an official incorporated town with its own mayor, council members and police force.

In 1906, oil was discovered near Afton which led to an economic boom for the area as oil companies moved into the area to drill for oil. The population of Afton grew rapidly as many people moved to the area to work in the oil fields or related industries such as drilling equipment manufacturing or pipeline construction. During this time period several new businesses opened up including banks, hotels and restaurants.

During World War II, many of Afton’s citizens served their country in various branches of service while others worked at local defense plants that had been set up by Uncle Sam during this time period. After World War II ended many veterans returned home to start families which further increased the population of Afton as well as its economy due to their spending power from military paychecks or GI Bill benefits that allowed them to purchase homes or start businesses.

Today, Afton is still a small rural community with a population of just over 1,000 people but it continues to be an important part of Ottawa County’s economy with its strong agricultural industry as well as some light manufacturing businesses that are located within its city limits. Despite its small size there are still several modern amenities available including banks, restaurants and shopping centers that provide residents with all their basic needs while also offering them access to larger cities nearby such as Tulsa which is only about an hour away by car or train via Amtrak’s Heartland Flyer service which stops at both Tulsa International Airport (TUL) and downtown Tulsa Union Station (TUS).

Afton, Oklahoma