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Religion in Solomon Islands

Knowledge and culture

It is not compulsory schooling. Most children start in 6-year primary school when they are six years old. High school is 7 years old. According to Countryaah data, the University of the South Pacific has a department in Honiara and the University of Papua New Guinea a department at Guadalcanal.

There are three daily newspapers and one news website, two weekly newspapers and two monthly newspapers.

Founded in 1976, Solomon Islands Broadcasting Company (SIBC) has daily radio broadcasts in English and Pigdin-English. SIBC initiated television broadcasts in 1992.

Well-known authors are John Saunana (1945-), Rexford Orotaloa (1956-), Jully Makini (Jully Sipolo) (1953-) and Julian Maka'a (1957-).

Folk music includes pan flute orchestras and bamboo music. Modern music includes rock and reggae as well as so-called island music influenced by Polynesian and Christian music.

Religions of Solomon Islands

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