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Religion in Slovakia


In 2019, Slovakia had a population density of 116 residents per km2. The largest concentrations are found in Bratislava and in the area east and southeast thereof. In 2019, 54 percent of the population lived in cities, of which Bratislava (419 700 residents, 2015) and Košice (239 500) are the largest. The largest population is Slovak, but there is also a significant proportion of Hungarians and Roma in the country.

Religions of Slovakia


The official language is Slovak, spoken by 4.5 million. The largest minority language is Hungarian (just over 500,000). Czech, Romani and Ukrainian are spoken as native languages by significant groups, while the Polish and Russian minorities are relatively small.


According to Countryaah data, about 70% of the population (1994) belongs to the Roman Catholic Church (about 60% with Latin Rite, about 10% with Byzantine). An autocephalic Orthodox church is found in eastern Slovakia. The Lutheran Church was founded in 1530. The Hungarian speakers have been reformed since the 17th century. As an independent community, Slovakia's Reformed Church was founded in 1918 after the fall of the Habsburg Empire (about 20% of the population).

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