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Religion in Liechtenstein


The actual citizens count their ancestry from the Alemans, a Germanic tribe that took possession of the region around 500. About 90 percent are Roman Catholics. The population has increased by 40 percent since 1970, mainly through immigration.

Religions of Liechtenstein

According to Countryaah data, about 40 per cent of the residents are foreigners, mostly (80 per cent) from Switzerland, Austria or Germany. On the other hand, a very large proportion of citizens (Liechtenstein of Alemannic descent) live abroad.

The largest cities are Schaan (6,000 residents, 2019) and Vaduz (5,600 residents).

Liechtenstein Population


German is the official language and written language. In speech, a Germanic dialect is used.


The Roman Catholic Church has been a state religion (Landeskirche) since 1921, but full religious freedom prevails. About 90% of the population are Roman Catholics, about 10% Protestants (1999).

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