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Religion in Italy

Religions of Religion in ItalyAccording to Countryaah data, Christianity is the most widespread religion in Italy, and Catholicism is the most widespread direction within Christianity.

A large majority of the people of Italy are considered Christians. According to figures from 2017, 74% of the population are Catholics, 23% are not religious, while 3% belong to religions other than Catholicism. There are approximately 1.7 million Orthodox Christians in Italy, approximately 700,000 Protestants, and approximately 430,000 members of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Religions of Italy

Over the past decades, the proportion of Italians of foreign origin has increased, and a larger proportion of the population are now not Christian than in the past. According to figures from 2017, there are approximately two million Muslims in Italy, 293,000 Buddhists and 193,000 Hindus.

In the revision of the Concordat between the Vatican and the Italian state from 1984, Catholicism is no longer referred to as state religion, and participation in public school Christianity education is voluntary.

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