17 new Clock Faces Ready for Android Wear from Major Brands

Now you can decorate your smartwatch with Android Wear with 17 brand new clock faces, and Danish B & O is behind one of them.

If you have an Android Wear-watch as Moto 360, LG Watch Urban or Sony SmartWatch 3, you can now give it a face lift with 17 brand new clock faces from large, established brands.

Danish B & O, which among other things produces speakers, televisions and other high-quality music systems, are chosen among the 17 to design a stylish dial to embellish your smartwatch with Android Wear.

The 17 brands and designers that have created new, fresh clock faces, are:

  • Anrealage: fashion label (8.04 kr.)
  • Cynthia Rowley: Fashion designer
  • Efva Attling: Model
  • George Frost: Jewellery design
  • Geox: Clothing Line
  • RX-78-2 Gundam: Fictional robot (8.04 kr.)
  • Kevin Tong Illustration: Draw
  • Lulu Frost: Jewelry Brand
  • Muji two Relax: App
  • Terminator: Genisys: Movies
  • Rubik’sCubes:
  • Hello Kitty: fictional character
  • Triwa: Watches and sunglasses
  • Angry Birds Aviator: Games
  • Bang & Olufsen: Consumer Electronics
  • Moomin: Characters from books
  • Moods of Norway: clothing company

The majority of the new clock faces are completely free and can be downloaded to your smartphone from Play-shop, which is paired with your Android Wear-clock. Then it is just to choose the new dial from your smartphone or directly on your Android Wear-watch by holding your finger down on your current dial in a little second of time.

With the addition of 17 new clock faces smoking Google’s portfolio a notch in the weather, as with 191 different options soon approaching the 200, so you can personalize your watch on your very own way.