What Tablet Should I Buy?

According to bridgat, the first thing we have to look at is what are our requirements with respect to the equipment we are going to acquire.

What Tablet Should I Buy

Within this evaluation, should ask ourselves what we will do with the new tablet, This implies to know what will be the applications that we will need to run on the device, and remove a conclusion about the parameters to take into account when we assess the same hardware.

On this basis, we will have to choose the operating system you want to include by default our new tablet, which of course will affect also the value of it, since as we know we can find in the market generic tablets at very low cost, including the latest version of Android, Apple’s iPad, bringing factory iOS while , they are really more expensive. It should be noted that we must always point to the tablet that has installed the latest version of Android, either allowing the update of the operating system.

The following will be to choose the screen size, which in conventional models vary from 7 to 10 inches, and there are even some models 13-inch. In General, 7 inch tablets are for some users somewhat small, since it may resemble them with a smartphone, while other users 10-inch models can be awkward and little portable. Ultimately, the size will be a personal choice depending on the use we give to the team.

At this point is important the quality of the screen, i.e. take into account parameters such as the resolution of the same, which should not be less than 1280 x 800 pixels, which will give us a clearer display of images and text. We also recommend that include IPS technology, in order to be able to enjoy a screen with good quality from different viewing angles.

Then it must analyze the performance that will have the device, and in this case if we want to run applications and newer games smoothly, ideally, opt for a team that has a four core processor, at one speed of not less than 1.5 GHz.

As for the memory, at least our new tablet should have 1 GB of RAM, while the ROM memory should not be less than 8 GB, and of course that allows expansion through external memory cards.

In what regards the connectivity, we recommend to acquire a team that has support for 4 G, especially if we think using the device outside our home and connect via data.

Within what is connectivity, the ideal is that in addition to traditional connections, include HDMI connection also for e.g. to connect the tablet to a display or TV, and OTG to be able to add physical, keyboard and mouse in addition of course to have the latest Bluetooth standard.

Finally, it is advisable to purchase a tablet comprising a front camera with sufficient quality to make video calls, and a back with flash, camera that allows us to take pictures fairly acceptable.

When we have little money to invest in the team, we should not have doubts about the acquisition of a generic tablet, since many models of this market offer us an excellent hardware, configuration with which the device will give us a very effective performance.