Twitter Says Goodbye to Your Widget in The Alpha Version

The official Twitter app Android widget has certainly its days numbered. In the Alpha version of Twitter -that, how will not, find APKMirror – application widgets show the following text instead of the contents of your timeline:

This widget is not supported by Twitter. Feel free to delete this widget and use instead the application of Twitter

If you use the official Twitter app widgets, the countdown has begun. For now they still work perfectly in the latest official version Twitter for Android, but as soon as the current Alpha version becomes Beta, then Officer, it’s over. Time to look for alternatives.


Why Twitter is loaded your widget is still a mystery, although the more usual cause in these cases is that they have data that was one not too used function and, therefore, dispensable. Movement is also according to the latest fashion slimming applications by removing everything that not strictly necessary, and that Twitter is more than 70 MB in memory.

You used this widget? If so, you will always hope that by that the stable branch of Twitter reaches the version 6.9 someone change of opinion regarding this. I acknowledge that I have only tried this a couple of times widget and seems more beautiful than practical, but in any case it is always better to have the option for anyone who wants to add. Farewell, Twitter widget, you will miss.