Samsung Galaxy S8 Should 8 GB of RAM and a “Beast Mode” to Get Them out

The latest rumor of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 It points to that it would duplicate the RAM memory of its predecessor coming up to 8 GB. In addition, taking into account what likes the marketing department of the company to play with numbers, match S8 with 8GB of RAM safe that tempts them to its advertising campaigns.

It is a rumor that comes from Weibo, and although it is not the first time that ring the bells, the person who has given the so-called tip says the “next big thing” that we will see in the next high-end Samsung will be, effectively, a RAM never before seen on a smartphone. Other rumors pointed so far that the brand would settle for 6GB, although in the end this can be reflected in two options for the consumer in the form of different versions of the S8. If you pay more, you would have 8 GB. If not, 6GB.

‘ So beast ‘ to take advantage of the power

Apart from the fact that “the most powerful smartphone ever released” is a winning marketiniano argument, something must be done with those 8GB of RAM. To do this, Samsung have developed a “mode beast” that would be the opposite to what we are accustomed to seeing in the Android terminals power saving modes.

And what would be the point? The most logical answer is for games. We could choose between a battery saving mode, one normal and the other to choose the highest quality at the expense of consuming more battery. It is something that reminds the app Game Tuner that we saw in the S6 and that it allowed to adjust resolutions, frame rates, etc. to improve the gaming experience.

In addition to those so-called 8 GB of RAM, it must be remembered that the S8 would mount the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, that is theoretically the processor more powerful Android in 2017, and would UFS 2.0 standard 2.1, which would make you more efficient and choice with a 256GB capacity It could end with hollow to microSD.

We will leave doubts in April 2017, date on which, barring surprises at MWC 2017, will be presented the S8.