If You Have a Nexus 6 P, Salt of The Beta of Google before Upgrading to Android 7.1.1

One of the main advantages, not to say most of all, have a Nexus device or Pixel is that You can get the latest updates before any other manufacturer, not to mention that we are talking about Android stock. But sometimes this exclusivity can cost you a little face, as well as the terminal.

One way to help Google to launch a more stable update before is that users point to your Beta program to test the new version before anyone else and report possible errors in order to be solved as soon as possible. Once the programme has finished, the stable update comes to you. But long eye if you have a Nexus 6 p.

He has recently given to know a problem whereby, to upgrade to Android 7.1.1 from the betas of Google program, the terminal would be totally ‘bricked’. This is what has resulted in a post a user of Medium which, along with many others, left with a paperweight the expensive stuff when you upgrade from the beta program.

A Medium user has reported that, after upgrading your Nexus 6 p to Android 7.1.1 from the betas of Google program, your terminal has been ‘bricked’ and without possibility of recovering it in any way.

According to the user, in addition, Google treats this issue as “of low priority”, which review from his post, adding also that it can not solve the problem of the loop of reboots (or bootloop) flashing an image of factory or using methods up to now available.

Taking into account that Google has not acted on this problem, We recommend that, if you have a Nexus 6 p (no seems to have gone elsewhere for now) and you want to upgrade to Android 7.1.1 Nougat, first come out of the beta program to return to an earlier version and then upgrade via OTA. It may seem more cumbersome, but at least you’ll have a terminal that operates.