Honor Dictionary If Surprise, But to Give The Stroke Is Needed a Little More…

2016 is coming to its end, the important principles of year fairs already adorn the halls, but if we thought that all the fish was already sold we were wrong. Since China lacked the Hurrah to a year of contrasts in the smartphone market, and today we have known to the Honor dictionary with all the honors of a flagship.

The firm Huawei spinoff may not be quiescent, and indeed that is precisely part of its attraction, which has no ties to prepare surprises like this Magic, which expected much but that finally It has become difficult to catalogue terrain.

Perhaps because of the trend, perhaps led by the ‘hype’ or perhaps leaks that Honor had left along the way, everyone expected much Honor magic, however surprisingly not by an upper front optimization, but a design who opts for the total curvature and symmetry

Everyone expected a phone without frames, was that the leaks had promised us, so most had on the horizon to my Xiaomi Mix and the idea that this Honor dictionary would opt for highly optimized large and front panel. That was the trend.

But, again, we were wrong, because Honor if minimized side frames of the device, but he has done it by holding the top and bottom frames in a terminal that has been as a kind of Nubia Z11 with lots of curves.

So, recap the bet for the innovation of an irreverent honour, which offers us an attractive and distinct, device renewing design lines with the Elimination of any edge on the basis the total curvature and symmetry.

Ergonomics, says Honor…

The Chinese manufacturer said that its new smartphone is a terminal that premium ergonomics, and in fact those fully curved edges make falling in hand comfortably, with superior feel and softness.

Without however, innovation that innovation is said there is not much, then Honor dictionary It reminds of ephemeral form to that inspiration at the boulders Samsung Galaxy SIII, a smartphone that confirmed the hegemony of the Galaxy S range already almost 5 years ago.

Either way, there is no doubt that the commitment of honour is different, and it is also by a size of 5.1 inches that satisfied users disenchanted with the ever-growing trend of top Smartphone screen diagonals. No one wanted to high range in a content size?

It is obvious that, surely, many expected something akin to Xiaomi my Mix in a more content size, with Huawei hardware and an attractive price, but for that surely Xiaomi release before or after a hypothetical my “mini” Mix, and Honor has distinguished much of all their competition.

Anyhow in tastes is not written, and although it is actually an appreciation very personal, I do not I just too convince this Honor dictionary design.

Surely it is not what we expected, but Honor dictionary does what it promised in a different way: not innova too but also follows the trend of the market, but it becomes a high-end content size which also renews Honor design lines to differentiate themselves completely

Magic is a different, but not revolutionary

The curvature on the side also extends to upper and lower frames at the moment we do not know if the AMOLED Panel 5.1 inches and resolution QHD 1. 440p -577 pixels per inch – will be flexible and will be curved too, or if it will be only a trick similar to the one used by Xiaomi with my Note 2.

What we do know is that your hardware is commensurate with the best market to compete openly, but the truth is that honour will not use the higher range of electronic solutions for Huawei, maybe instead of Mount HiSilicon Kirin 960, which we saw in the Huawei Mate 9, This dictionary will use the Kirin 950 with 8-core architecture big processor. LITTLE – 4xCortex-A53 and 4xCortex-A72 – achieving speeds of clock of up to 2.4 GHz.

Memory RAM is 4 GB and the internal storage reaches the 64 GB, but where is the grace is in the four cameras the device, which mounts a double main sensor in the rear and another double sensor on the front.

Yes, as you’ve read, dual 12 megapixel sensor with Aperture f/2.2 in the back, and another double 8 megapixel sensor with opening f/2.0 on the front. Curious, but more curious are the functions of the front camera, accompanied by an infrared sensor called WiseScreen It promises to detect and recognize the hands and the eyes of the user, showing even different notifications or content depending on who is using the smarpthone.

FaceCode Intelligent Recognition has called him honour, and it’s the greatest innovation that incorporates this attractive Honor dictionary, a terminal of content size -146.1 x 69.9 x 7.8 mm – which has not been able to upload your the 2,900 mAh battery.

There is no doubt that the Magic is a striking, interesting, but yet we continue to believe that you to call it ‘revolutionary’ still you would be missing one step further

Without concepts, launch coming with a price

The young Chinese manufacturer does not want experiments, and his Honor dictionary will come tomorrow to the Chinese market, without promise that in time its international launch. Would surprise us very much to not finish coming sooner or later.

It will be available in a glossy black that returns to be trendy to a 3.699 Yuan price, something like a 470 euros at current Exchange, a figure that analyzing the competition leaves it at a very attractive level in the market. For example will compete directly with the Z11 Nubia, ZTE Axon 7, OnePlus 3T or the most recent Xiaomi my Mix, but the latter is a concept and will be sold only in limited.

We will be attentive to possible ads of your arrival to our markets, although don’t expect to do it before 2017. Neither speaks of an update to Android 7 Nougat, as it hits the market running with Android 6.0 under the mask of EMUI Marshmallow.

And now the million-dollar question… do you like unto the new ship badge of Honor?