Google + 8.3 Corrects a Lot of Errors and Prepares Comments with Images

We are accustomed to Luke Wroblewski to inform us on Google + all the changes in the implementation of this network for Android, but if not you noticed, from the 8.0 version everything is pretty quiet. Is it because of other similar Spaces, Allo and Duo projects?

Since then, Google + has been updated twice, and the 8.3 version should arrive to your device soon. We now know the changes needed… well, though in a disappointing way. Focusing on the correction of errors, 84 errors and 10 accessibility issues have been fixed, they are a lot, but in terms of new features… nothing, for now. That Yes, it seems that in the future we will have reviews with images.

This new version has menus to report publications that I talked to version 8.0, but doesn’t at first glance no other changes. However, an analysis of their APK reveals almost no doubt that at some point may be comment using images, just like on Facebook. Some text strings are so specific as “Commented with an image” or “uploading photo comment”.

For now we cannot know when you can discuss with photos, although this function It is not not available in the version of Google +, so it is expected that the function will be launched form synchronized on different platforms in the future.