Do You Have a Permanent Chromecast Notification?

A few weeks ago he arrived at the bracket Facebook app to send the videos to the TV via Chromecast. When you are watching a video you should see a new icon on a screen. To play it you have the option of send the content to the device Chromecast that you choose.

The problem is that such incorporation came from gift with a bug: a Permanent notification where does that you are sharing something on your Chromecast when it doesn’t. The notification can not be removed and there is a X button to close, it has no effect.

Notification Phantom, never better said in these times Halloweenescos, appears when you least expect it and not necessarily when you’re referring to Facebook, so at first you could doubt who was causing this mess. As well, you are not alone, this error happens to a lot of people more and is the fault of Facebook.

So it is arranged

To the playing in the notification Ghost opens you the Facebook application, and if you’re lucky, the notification itself will disappear. As Facebook, you may not use trick block completely the notifications, because in this case you would not receive important notifications from the social network. However, this does not prevent five minutes later you come back.

There are divided opinions. Some argue that this error only occurs in the stable version of Facebook, and that upgrade to Facebook Beta is a quick way to fix this error. To me personally this error happened to me both in stable Facebook Facebook Beta, so it seems more like a case of coincidence.

What is undeniable is that the notification is quite annoying and if Facebook tries to put minimal effort on improving your application, you should be able to fix this bug sooner rather that later. The best thing at the moment is forcing the closure of Facebook to delete the notification and keep it updated (stable or Beta, which you are using) praying to be corrected at some point.

What is clear is to the Facebook app bugs missing precisely. Another recurrent case are notifications that are never marked as read. But that is another story, for another time.