Beme, The Application to Share Videos “Unfiltered” Comes out of Beta and Comes to Android

Today there are a thousand and one ways of share your point of view through mobile, whether it is recording a video and then post it on social networks, or using applications to broadcast Live videos being fashionable lately.

Beme goes into this second category. It is an application with which you can share what you see, i.e., allow any person “be you”, trying to make the result more realistic as possible. While you record the screen is black. You put the mobile in your chest (or anywhere else that the proximity sensor tape) and recording starts. You fold it and the video is automatically shared.

Beme was already available for months in iOS, in phase Beta, but as explained by its creator the youtuber and actor Casey Neistat, they were not too pleased with the final result. Have taken six months in moving from Beta to version 1.0 final, but at least now those with a Mobile Android We may also share videos in this social network.

Show yourself without filters

The idea of Beme is to create small video more realistic potential of becoming to be you. You cannot add filters or preview the recording to find the best angle. All you have to do is put the mobile stuck to your body, or cover with hand proximity sensor, to record a video clip. The application warns you by sounds and vibrations when starts and finishes the recording.

When you finish, the video is published in your own social network where your friends or the rest of the world can view them and react to them. For now the only possible reaction is to send a photo of your face while you watch the video. Don’t worry if your Beme has been pretty badly, you can always delete it later if you’re not convinced.


  • Version of Android: from 4.1
  • Developer: Beme, Inc
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Society