And The Mobile Android More Difficult and Easy to Repair This Year According to IFixit Are…

What happens when you break your phone out of the warranty period? You use it as excuse divine to get a new version, throw it out the window with fury or try to repair by yourself or in a specialized shop? If you do this at the latest with a mobile you will be easier than with others.

How difficult or easy is to repair a phone depends on many factors, but fortunately the iFixit community is dedicated to standardize the results in her score of repairability. Now that we are ending the year it is time to take stock: What are the Android phones easier and more difficult to repair this year?

The easier, the LG G5

With interchangeable modules for LG phone perhaps has not been the success of sales that their creators would have wished, but if you have one in your possession unless you make sure of that, if something goes wrong you should not cost you much repair it. It’s the phone with one score of the year, an 8 in repairs.

Its teardown iFixit highlights the little use of glue and screws standard, which together with the facility to directly remove the battery as module greatly facilitates things when something goes wrong.

The second best, Google Pixel / XL

Although it is not modular, the Google phone and by Google is approaching the LG G5 with a note of repairability of 7 out of 10. IFixit teardown is specifically for Google Pixel XL, but expected the score is equal to his younger brother.

iFixit highlights in this case also the moderate use of glue, modular screws TorX T5 and the inclusion of some components. On the other hand, the note remains in a seven and no more to be somewhat complicated to open it without damaging it.

The most difficult to repair, Samsung Galaxy S7

The two red lanterns in the ranking are grabbed by Samsung. Phones harder to repair year according to iFixit are the Samsung Galaxy Note7, receiving a note 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S7, which is in a 3 out of 10.

Having gutted both the S7 as S7 Edge, both the note and the conclusions are the same: nothing short of hell is to repair it. You need to repair a USB port replace screen, do this without destroying it is little more than a mission impossible, and a very strong glue joins the glass back, making very difficult to open the device.

Of course, this does not mean that these have been specifically phones launched during the year more difficult to repair, but only those that have been gutted by iFixit. On the other hand, the influence of this ranking in your purchasing decisions will depend on many other factors and preferences.